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Boucheron is a French luxury jewellery and watches house located in Paris, 26 Place Vendôme, owned by Kering. The House of Boucheron is a French family dynasty founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1858, with the opening of his first store in the Galerie de Valois, at Palais-Royal, during the heyday of the Second French Empire. He created his atelier in 1866 and a year later won the Gold Medal during the Exposition Universelle (1867).

Boucheron was a family business; after the death of its founder Frédéric Boucheron in 1902, his descendants took over the business. In 1994, the family business shifted to a more global approach with its selling out to Schweizerhall.

The House of Boucheron was then acquired by former Gucci Group in 2000, which was bought by PPR in 2004. Pierre Bouissou was appointed CEO in April 2011 and was replaced by Helene Poulit-Duquesne in July 2015.

Here are some rather negative thoughts about Boucheron pour Homme by Basenotes:

Cue the folks attempting to intellectualize Boucheron pour Homme. They probably believe that their ability to enjoy this fragrance denotes more sophisticated, refined olfactory evolution. They may enjoy the secret knowledge of a hidden gem and savor the "complexity" of this fragrance as it reveals its identity to them over an evening.

Screw it: Boucheron pour Homme is a cloying, mismatched, train wreck of a fragrance with few redeeming qualities. You know that bottle of Avon that you found tucked away in your great-grandmother's house five years after she died? Yeah. This is it. In my time as a collector, this ranks as one of the worst.

The opening is one of the most foul, astringent, offensive things I've ever encountered in a designer fragrance. It is dominated by lemon and rose. The dry down - while complex - fails to yield any meaningfully enjoyable moments for me. I detect little of the purported base notes: no oak moss, no vetiver, no tonka bean, and no sandalwood. A few previous reviews are spot-on: this smells like a grandmother. It is bizarrely neither masculine nor feminine. It transcends gender and it transcends my ability to accurately summarize how foul it is.

Go elsewhere. I'd love to be more erudite, but I can't. Boucheron pour Homme is absolutely horrid!


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